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Definition: Using mental imagery to "see" what you read


Jumpstart Questions:

  • Can I create a picture in my mind of what I am reading?
  • How am I using my senses to understand?  What do I ... See?  Hear?  Feel?  Smell?  Taste?
  • What emotions do I feel?
  • Do I feel like I am "right there?"
  • Do I understand and visualize the information?
  • How are the words of the author helping me to visualize?
  • How did the images change as I read?

Sketch It!


As you read, create a "mind movie."  Picture in your mind, the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings.  Use sticky notes to describe, sketch, or identify words/phrases that help you visualize.



After you read, choose your most vivid visualization and share it in the Comment box below, or use a drawing program on the computer to sketch your visualization and then upload it so others can see the movie the text and your schema is creating in your mind. Click the Help link above if you need help uploading your visualization.


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