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Predicting and Inferring

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Background + Text Clues




As you read, use your background knowledge and the text clues to ask:

  • What will this selection be about?
  • What will happen next?
  • What will happen in the future?



Write your prediction on a sticky note and place it next to the text clues where you made the prediction.  Code it P for Prediction.








Reading between the lines


As you read, add your background knowledge and experience to text clues to read between the lines.  Write your inference on a sticky note and place next to the text clues where you made the inference.  Code it I for inference.









After you read, use your best thinking and the inferences you have made to think about what the author's message is or what the theme of the story is.  Record your inference in the Comment box below.  Use one of the following sentence starters to jumpstart your writing:

  • I think the theme is ....
  • I think the author's message is ....


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