Determining Importance

 Determine Importance

Unlocking key ideas



  • What is the author's purpose for writing?
  • What is my purpose for reading?
  • What are the key ideas?
  • What is the most important idea to remember?
  • What new information did I learn?
  • What was most interesting to me?
  • What does the author want readers to know?
  • How did the author organize the important information?
  • How do the text features help readers understand important information?

 I want to remember ...


As you read, use sticky notes marked with an asterisk to identify important information that you want to remember.




Quote or picture from text


Why is it important?




Important works or information from the text


How can I remember it?



After you read, think about the most important idea to remember and record it in the Comment box below.  Be sure to tell why it is important.   Then, see what your friends think are the most important ideas.  Why do you think different readers choose different ideas as the most important?