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Why did...?

I wonder ...?

How ...?

Who is ...?

Do you think ...?

I don't get this part ...?

I don't understand why ...?

What would happen if ...?

Where can I find the answer ...?

What do I still wonder?

What will happen if ...?

What additional information would I like to know?


About Asking Questions


As you read, note questions that you wonder about on sticky notes.   After reading, transfer your most thought-provoking questions to this wiki so that every one can benefit from the thinking you have made visible.  If your question is answered as you continue to read, note it in the Comment box and code it  Answered!  If your question has not been answered, note it in the Comment box and code it Still wondering ...?   As we share our thinking,  others may be able to answer your questions and connect with what you are thinking.  You may have so many great questions that your teacher might invite you to create your own Asking Questions page!  Remember to also code your sticky notes by using A for Answered! and W for Still wondering ...?












Still wondering ...?